Ganges Gal
 Nat Paghunasan Photography

Nat Paghunasan Photography

Ganges gal

“The Ganga to me is the symbol of India’s memorable past which has been flowing into the present and continues to flow towards the ocean of the future.”

Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India

I chose the name Ganges Gal as an ode to my namesake, Maa, who taught me to never forget where I come from, and to never let the obstacles in my life have a voice in defining me. She was a true Ganges Gal, a source of wisdom, a powerhouse of strength, and a force against the current–and I often find myself struggling to fill in the shoes she left behind. I hope with this project, I’ll at the very least have taken my first steps into becoming the woman she would’ve wanted me to be.