How to Listen to My Podcast.

Hey! So there's a couple of different ways for you to listen to my podcast, but I'm gonna break it down for the two easiest ways that I would use.

1. You can bookmark this page, and tune in at your own discretion, which is totally cool

2. If you're an Apple user, you can find my podcast in the Podcast App that comes pre-downloaded onto your device. Click on the search option, and type in "Storytime. with Ganges Gal" or any of those words individually, and my podcast with the familiar artwork should pop-up.

-From there, you can either listen to my podcasts individually, or download them to your device, OR, and this is if you really love and want to support me-- you can SUBSCRIBE to my podcast, and then episodes will download automatically whenever I post.


If you like what you hear, or you're just out here to support me as my friend, please pretty please go ahead and rate and review my podcast on the Apple App. It would really help me out, and I'd really appreciate it!!

Thank you thank you & I'll talk to you later!!

-Ganges Gal