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Register for Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry

I'll extend as we get closer to the new year, but I want to express how important it is to read up on what being in this registry might mean for someone’s life. My little sister Devika was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was a year old, and the Doctors didn’t hesitate to tell my parents how slim her chances of finding a Bone Marrow match were. BUT, the universe works in mysterious ways— because both my Older Sister and I turned out to be exact matches for everything for Devika. I wish that were the case for everyone.

Anyways, Meera ended up going through a Bone Marrow Transplant to save our little sister’s life (because I was still too young). I’m obviously still Devika’s match— but hey, if there’s a chance I’m anyone else’s, I’ll take it. I just want to do my part.

Below is a link to the registry website. Once you sign up there, they’ll send you a cheek swab kit in the mail, you follow the directions, and then they’ll add you to the registry. I know people who have waited 9 years for the registry, and people who have waited 2, but the most important thing is that they’re on there, and that they’re awesome enough to be down for saving someone’s life. Check it out!!


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Rock 'n' Roll Marathon for St. Judes!

Hi all!

So you thought you’d seen the last of my races with that whole ‘5K on my Birthday’ thing?? WELL GUESS WHAT!? I signed up with a few of my awesome coworkers to run this Half Marathon in San Diego this June. It’s my first one, so idk how this is going to go, but I’m 100% interested in it for a few reasons:

  1. I’ll be raising money for research at St. Judes Children’s Hospital! Click the below link if you’re down to donate!

    • https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR/Heroes/Heroes?px=5587999&pg=personal&fr_id=99605

  2. I’l be living out my David Goggins’ “Can’t Hurt Me” DREAM. Have you guys read that book yet? I listened to it on a reccomendation from my older sister, and it was INSANE. This guy runs marathons like it’s a walk in the park. I was so inspired, I legit signed up for this the week after listening to his book.

  3. I get to push my body physically further than it’s ever gone. I mean, I’ve done crazy intense hikes before, but nothing as crazy as running this many miles back-to-back. I’m trying to do this in 2 hours, which means I’m going to have to practice some self-discipline with my diet and training routine. I kinda can’t wait. I’ll document the sweaty process on my Instagram @gangesgal

  4. NEW FRIENDS!!! I’m excited to see who other folks are running for, and why they like this so much. Events like this are a great networking opportunity to meet people who really care about helping others, in their own way (this way being running lol). But that’s what this who “Do Good Things Club” is about!! Always knowing that no matter where you come from, what you look like, or how much money you have, you’re capable of helping someone else who needs it.

    Anyways, here’s the link to the run website. Mine came out to $170 total I think for the half, which is definitely a lot for me (think of allll the ramen that’s worth!!), but I think it’s worth the investment in myself and in this research.

    If you’re thinking of running, hit me up in the comments! We can swap training schedules.


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LA County: Project Sister Family Services

My awesome friend Carmela told me about this one:

This place is an awesome resource center for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. The reason I put it here on “Do Good Things Club” is because they’re offering a free 40-hour training course on how to become an advocate for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Once this training month is completed, you get to be a certified volunteer for their 24 hour hotline.

Carmela and I are both taking this class throughout the month of February, and I encourage you to join us if you’re in the county and interested in helping with something like this! If you’re not in the county, let me know, and I will do my best to find a similar service program that you can take part in. I know Laura’s House in the OC has a similar program going.

Below is the link to their official website:


AND! If you can’t make it to February’s training, there will be another one in the summer— I’ll post details closer to the date.

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Children's Miracle Network

Hii :)

So I was planning on being pretty low-key about this, because if you’ve read my earlier posts, you know how weird I’ve always felt about the way I look, color of my skin, etc. (Dysmorphia is real!! So is scarring childhood bullying!!) But anyways, in an effort to learn more about myself and maybe work on my confidence level— I decided to sign up for a beauty pageant.

The reason why I told you all that incredibly sad-but-true stuff, is because there’s a program that the Miss America Pageant always takes part in, that I really stand for— and that’s to help fundraise for the Children’s Miracle Network. They help local Children’s Hospitals— which as you know, is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart because I grew up in and out of them with my little sister Devika. (Who I always talk about— she’s a supercool, superbly cancer survivor, epilepsy warrior, and all around awesome kid).

Anyways, regardless of whether I win or not, which I’m not really concerned with because I’m really only doing this to learn more about myself and have this experience that my childhood self only dreamed of, I wanted to share the link to my fundraising page to see if any of you are willing to participate. I’m not sure if it keeps going after the pageant, but if it doesn’t, I’ll take this down and post a new link that’s also associated with the Children’s Miracle Network. I have to let you know (because I’m not here trying to be fake) that there is a $100 minimum donation I need to meet to qualify for the competition, but have no fear friends, I was planning on contributing that extra paycheck money to the cause anyway. Any and all funds above that are appreciated, because I’m really just trying to help these kids.

Below is a link to my specific fundraising page:


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CHOC Holiday Toy Drive

Looking for a place to donate toys to for Christmas? How about CHOC??

All Donations must be dropped off by 3pm on Saturday, December 15th by 3pm at the CHOC Associate Parking Structure— 557 South Main Street, Orange, CA 92868

Not sure what to bring? Check out their Amazon Wish list here:


And if you’re like me and damn near broke— definitely look at the Amazon listings because most of the items on there are under $10.

For More Info, Check out their site!


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Run with Me for Make-a-Wish!

Run a 5K on my Birthday? Down. Want to join me?

Use this link to sign up, and put in the code “RVSDWish” at checkout to get $5 off the registration fees. Make sure you click the “Make a Wish” option on everything! Mine came out to $48, which was kind of a lot for me, but I guess I’ll use it as my “treat yo’ self” for this month.


If you’re actually coming through & all signed up— send me a DM on Instagram! Please don’t be creepy though!!

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